With Bankey, users can easily store funds, instantly send and receive money, which then can be used as cash or as a digital wallet, to make safe online and offline transactions, as well as pay for goods and services in small businesses. 

Banked and unbanked people living in Lebanon can get a Bankey account and use in a variety of ways:

  • Load money into their account and withdraw cash through a Key or from ATM’s of Key Networks.  
  • Easily store cash digitally
  • Instantly send money to other Bankey users, domestically and abroad. 
  • Receive money, from the USD to your Bankey account, with no fee between users.  
  • Spend money with the Bankey app or a prepaid Visa or Mastercard that will be linked to their account and that may be used wherever they are accepted, both in person and online.  

Banked users will also be able to become a “Key” and receive a teller’s fee commission for the service they provide. A Key is a local teller who loads cash into the account of unbanked users and cashes it out when they need it. Unbanked users just need to find a Key near them, take their physical cash to them, and the Key will deposit the amount into their Bankey account, converting it into digital cash. 

Lebanese Diasporas (users living outside of Lebanon) can add balance to their Bankey account and send money to users in Lebanon, without having to pay high fees for each transfer.